Who We Are

AIdAM (Italian Association of Mechatronic Automation) was founded in 1999 to represent the up-to-date Mechatronics industrial field, as a natural expressiveness of the companies supplying assembly and handling systems: systems manufacturers, suppliers of turnkey systems and subsystems.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that studies the combination of: mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering.

Mechanics, Electronics and Information technology are now integrating with actuators and electronics systems in order to realize complementary modules. This is how mechanical, electronic and computer engineering create a new discipline: the Mechatronics.

AIdAM is the category Association that gathers together the Italian companies working in the branch of Mechatronic Automation, with special attention to the sectors of Special Machinery, Robotics, Vision Systems and Intelligent Components, operating in the main segments of the Italian manufacturing industry.

To this day, the over 65 companies associated are able to provide highly technological productive solutions, supporting the growth of the branch in Italy and Overseas.