Fabio Bottarelli
Business Development Manager Assembly & Robotics Camozzi Automation Spa

Becoming a member of AIDAM allows you to be part of an ecosystem that enhances the entire supply chain of the Italian manufacturing system, sharing market and product trends, technologies, and expertise, and generating evident business opportunities in new market niches or, thanks to internationalization, in new geographical areas".

Andrea Scagliarini
EV and Secondary Battery Manager di SMC Italia Spa

"Associations offer aggregation opportunities with great potential. Actively participating in association life gives us the opportunity to be protagonists in the Italian industrial and economic context, including significant projects of a social nature. Moreover, it allows us to build a network to face together present and future challenges, thus consolidating our presence and influence in the national socio-economic landscape".

Andrea Mazzini
Managing Partner Ars Automation

It was a great stimulus to see so many companies gathered around a very participatory table, together sharing and listening, with the sole objective of improving ourselves and working even harder to see our fantastic sector grow!”.