AIdAM works through vertical projects in various Countries around the world to export Italian automation and mechatronics.

The internationalization strategies include:

  • Opening an AIdAM office with the activation and management of institutional relationships in order to enter the market alongside interested companies, or 
  • Commercial contracts with local agents to represent interested companies in the Country, to obtain information and documents, to visit prospective companies, and to participate in national events such as industry trade shows (without the need to create their own commercial/distribution network, which requires significant investments).

Currently, the ongoing projects are:

  • Poland: automation in the automotive sector for the launch of the first national electric vehicle
  • Algeria: automation in the automotive sector for the production of thermal and electric vehicles to be sold in the African continent and the Middle East
  • Morocco: commercial project with a highly experienced local agent working on our behalf
  • Contacts with various Chambers of Commerce and representation in Countries (Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Serbia, USA, Saudi Arabia...) and collaboration with the industrial area of Ningbo (China).